Singing for the Whole Brain

Martin brings 50+ years of professional singing experience into play with his vocal coaching – whether for a single vocalist or in a group setting. 

Soloists benefit from individual attention to vocal tone and quality, support, voice placement, breathing techniques, posture, projection, enunciation, expanding vocal range and performance skills. 

This is NOT FORMAL OPERA TRAINING, but excellent foundational guidance for anyone who wants to strengthen and improve their voice for personal pleasure, sing for friends, for open mics and other informal performances. 

Martin offers workshops for folks who think they can’t sing. He creates a safe space for shy singers to explore vocal improvement exercises, singing games, rounds, part-singing and simply sing together for the joy of it in a fun and supportive atmosphere. If you’ve ever been told to ‘mouth the words’ or ‘Don’t quit your day job’ this is the class for you. Singing is a healthy practice that fosters self-confidence, improves your immune system and builds community. Martin may offer a stand-alone singing workshop or may offer a several-week class to build skills and bond friendships. 

Contact Martin directly if you’d like to schedule a private lesson, sing-along gathering for family and friends, or arrange an informative singing workshop for church or other social group or professional retreat.