Great record, Martin—I’ve become a real fan of yours. 

 I’ve worked with a LOT of singer/songwriter types, and have even produced records for a couple.  I think what I enjoy about your music is that you write songs that are meant to entertain people, which is my goal as a composer.  Before you think I’m stating the obvious (“doesn’t’ everyone do that?), I think many are writing from such introspection that there’s an expectation for the listener to relate to them—almost a responsibility.  They might massage things a bit to make it more accessible, but I don’t think entertaining is at the forefront of what they’re trying to achieve, even if they’re amazing at what they do.  So I appreciate what you put into your craft.  It certainly made my days brighter when working on it! 

I should write a song about that, lol.    Cass Anawaty,

Chief Engineer, Sunbreak Music, LLC  Pinnacle Peak Publishing 

14747 N. Northsight Blvd.  STE 111-423    Scottsdale, AZ 85260      (503) 805-4044

Martin Swinger is one of those rare singer-songwriters who excels at everything: singing, songwriting, guitar-playing, and being so present with his humor, tenderness, and wild mind that his performances are also deep conversations, soul to soul and heart to heart, about the quirks, surprises, and love that brings us most alive. His songs, ranging from the little plastic parts that hold the world together, to what enlightenment comes from Buddha and Betty Boop falling in love, are whimsically and wisely original and enduring." 

 Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, 
 Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus

“ I looked at the cover and thought, 'Oh. Another self-released songwriter CD. Well, I owe it to everyone to pass it through my CD player. Hmmmm. Nice voice. Hmmmm. Fine players.  Hmmm. Upbeat.  Hmmmm. Smart writing. Hmmm. An uplifting feel. Let's play it again. And again. And again.' 

I get a ton of them...pounds and pounds of plastic each week and only a few precious ounces of real music. Do you realize how special your SCRAPBOOK is? Every singer/songwriter feels s/he is blessed, but so few truly are. Our listeners – and my fellow on-air hosts – just love it.” 

Marilyn Rea Beyer, Radio Host, WUMB Boston

 Martin's show with us was a real treat. Just when you think you have him figured out, he comes at you from a completely different direction and amazes you all over again. He's a professional,  entertaining musician of the first order. 

Mac McLanahan, Artistic Director, and Co-founder 
The Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA

“There are performers who play AT the audience and musicians who play TO the audience. The performer who plays TO the audience is feeding back on their reactions and drawing them into his or her performance. Martin Swinger makes this connection. Martin’s ability to bring people inside his music is a wonderful talent. Aside from the fact that he is a fine songwriter, Swingers warmth and humor connects with his audience and leaves them wanting more. Our feedback from the East Sangerville Grange Coffeehouse has been A+++ and we recommend him highly.” 

Sid Stutzman, Program Director, 
East Sangerville Grange Coffeehouse

Must write to you immediately to tell you how fine I think your album is. I got it in the mail yesterday. I was driving around the island so it was the perfect time to listen end to end. I was laughing and crying and appreciating your quiet voice, your flexible voice, your so available emotional voice, your deeply resonant and lovely love, your powerful voice singing about real life. And great songs. Such good production and orchestration. Masel Tov darling. It is a wonder! 

Rhiannon  (Long-time collaborator with Bobby McFerrin)

Hello Martin, Just wanted to let you know that everybody loved your show at the Union Coffeehouse!  I don't think I've had such an enthusiastic reaction to any of our shows in the 6 years that we've been doing them.  Your showmanship, your stories, your songs, your guitar playing - just everything was great!  I hope you enjoyed the audience as much as they enjoyed you.   Many, many thanks for your outstanding performance.  I hope you will consider a return engagement next summer. All the best, 
Don Petersen: Producer, Union Coffeehouse

From David Wheat, Personal Blog:

There are accidents of time and place that put you in the presence of genius. 

Hopefully, you will have the presence of mind and soul to recognize it.  My story:  In a free paper Ginger and I saw a notice for an Acoustic Guitar Concert at the River Tree Arts  Center. I love good acoustic guitar and for $10 each,  not a lot of risk, right? 

...after a short break, the featured performer was Martin Swinger, broad smile and commanding presence, drew us into the story of his song like a gripping novel that keeps the light on till 2 AM.  He knits silly with serious,  petty with poignant, leaving you asking, "How did he do that?  How did we get from there to here? That was amazing!

From the first song, in my heart, I was on the little red chair in the front of the room in my first-grade class where we sat and listened to Mrs. Simpson read those incredible stories.  Time disappeared as you hung on the next phrase--only now it was set to music and delivered by tenor voice so clear it sparkled.      Our sojourners in the audience could have been in  Carnegie Hall and we would not have had more pleasure than we enjoyed at the River Tree.  I sat thinking between songs, "Who is he like?"  The complexity of sound and lyric was unlike anyone I had ever heard.  Songs of grief, love,  and depression delivered with humor, hope, and delicacy.  In one brief night at River Tree, I am a fan.  His song Betty Boop and Budha capture his approach to life and music by pairing the most unlikely couple--the silly and the serious--to show how they coexist and inform us each of the other.  If you love music and good songwriting, do yourself a favor and listen to some of his work like the "Consider the  Oyster", or "Gravity" to get a feel for this master of the ballad. 

An artist of this caliber must be shared and supported.  Ginger and I stumbled into the presence of genius last night. 

We are better for it. 

David Wheat, Personal Blog

Martin, these are the most consistently high scores I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been coordinating.  19 fives (top evaluation score), 1 four, nothing lower!  Also 1 SIX!!! - not even ON the form!  The responses from the participants were consistently the most enthusiastic  I’ve seen.  Thank you once again for a most enjoyable experience. 

Feedback Notes from 'Vocal Skinny-Dipping' Workshop with Harmonium Society