From the recording Daybreak on Hungry Pond

Hungry Pond is a continuing writing project illustrating the web of life in a freshwater pond. "Daybreak' is the opening song of the cycle. 


  Daybreak on Hungry Pond 
Daybreak and the frogs are finally sleeping
All that bellow and pee-peeping falling quiet on the land.
Rippling. On the shoreline shells lie broken
Where Raccoon cracked ‘em open
Pressing paw-prints in the sand.
The Dog Star shines alone. Begin bugs buzzing drone!
Good Morning!  Good Morning, Hungry Pond!
Trees Breathe, sending waterlilies drifting.
Silver fog is lifting between reed and pickerel skies.
Sunlight catching dragon nymphs and fat snails
Slowly sliding down the cat-tails
To slink away from hungry eyes.
As morning shadows fade the bird songs serenade!
Good Morning!  Good Morning, Hungry Pond!
Circle. Life revolves around the seasons.
Birth and dying have their reasons shared by every living thing.                  
Hunger, necessary for surviving. Eat the slow to feed the thriving.
What abundance that may bring.
And in the grey-green cool of a stream-fed pool
There is nothing new about who eats who.
Good Morning!  Good Morning, Hungry Pond!