Inspired at Threadgill Theatre, Kerrville Folk Festival. 
A Swallow's nest is tucked up in the beams of the tin roof and every year hosts new babies. I wondered why they are always there when there are trees and bushes all around, then realized they are here for the same reason we are - for the MUSIC!!


MUSIC IN THE RAFTERS               
Up in the beams a swallow builds a nest           
To start another generation,
To shelter family from the rain and make music.
A feathered mystery unfolds
And songs of hunger being answered     
As little wings learn how to fly and make music.
Music in the Rafters
Rhythm in the wings
Melody in laughter,
Music in the Rafters            
They sing the meadows and the trees
They sing the buzzing bugs they capture
They sing awake the morning star         and make music.                          
And when we shake these earthly bounds,
Our souls are finally free to wander,
We'll circle in our shimmering sound and make music:
Music in the Rafters...
And when we have our swallow’s wings            
We'd sail the moon beneath our wingspan
And every word we’d gladly sing and make music.                 
We’ll sing the little ones asleep,
Sing with the elders for our lost loves,
We’ll sing a prayer of harmony and make music                                
Music in the Rafters...
There’s one free spirit deep inside
Will lift you if you only listen.
Let out the voice you try to hide and make music.
Music in the Rafters...