From the recording Momma Fish's Lullaby

From the ongoing project, Hungry Pond. 


Momma Fish’s Lullaby
I’d love to name you everyone
But I’d run out of names long before I’m done
And it would take much too much time
Almost a million of you – each of you mine
I will forget your faces,   You all look just the same
Should we meet again I hope you don’t hold me to blame
Don’t mean to frighten or be rude
But in your mother’s eyes – you look like food!
So, swim! Swim little fishies, swim!
Quick as you can grow strong   Or you won’t be here long….
There’s danger up over your head
Keep to the cool and dark and deepest part instead
When winter freezes off the sky     You’ll only fall asleep, you will not die.
The sun will warm the water, insects will dip and land
You’ll have to move up slowly   Catch as many as you can
But never linger in the sun –
The Heron jabs, the Racoon grabs and then – you’re done!  So Swim!
You have your daddy’s cool green eyes     Keep them watchful, open wise
Your mother’s song is almost done    I’ve told you all I know – Almost all I know
I’ve told you everything but One…
Now, Most of you will not survive
Cause every living thing has to eat to keep alive
You’ll learn to eat the others too
Because it’s Nature’s way – what bigger little fishies do
But you’ll be swift and clever, pay attention, stay in school
One slip you’re gone forever – Mother Nature’s Golden Rule
When numbers dwindle don’t be sad
You are the strong survivors     Just like your Mom and Dad!