Martin offers an engaging concert of award-winning original songs which vary in style and subject from his several albums - but never in quality! 
 Martin writes songs about what moves him and connects him and his audience to the world. The subjects range a bold and entertaining gamut: breaking the little plastic part (that makes the whole thing work!), a long day at Coney Island c1955,  a peek into the life of a friend with Autism, an uncle with Alzheimer's, a parent in hospice, the dangerous and stressful life of an oyster, finding home, losing gravity, dyslexic theology, a love song for the Sun, a date between Betty Boop and Buddha, the healing power of Sunflowers... his songs are unique, refreshing, intelligent and inspiring!  Audiences are invariably moved, surprised, enlightened and captivated by his program, masterful performance, vocal skills, and charm. 

A recent listener writes: "Martin Swinger, broad smile and commanding presence, drew us into the story of his song like a gripping novel that keeps the light on till 2 AM.  He knits silly with serious, petty with poignant, leaving you asking, "How did he do that?  How did we get from there to here? That was amazing!"   Our sojourners in the audience could have been in Carnegie Hall and we would not have had more pleasure than we enjoyed at the River Tree. In one night I am a Fan!