Songwriter's Circle

                            As a songwriting coach, Martin can help you... 
Choose universal subjects and instill them with personal meaning, color, detail, and life. 
Expand a subject idea to its fullest potential.  ­­ 
Build a song structure that carries and communicates your story to its fullest advantage. 
Develop lyric expression with attention to robust language, easy elocution, and sensual connectivity. 
Explore the role prosody plays in developing melody, meter, tempo, chord changes, key choice, and vocal placement. 
Learn to employ songwriting filters to streamline the lyrics: (prepositions, pronouns, red herrings, clichés) 
Create songs with purpose, intention, reason, and goals. 
Harness your songs to showcase your individual performance talents
Facilitate school and community songwriting projects by scaffolding skill sets and offering models. 
Determine what, how and when to ‘borrow’ from other artists to increase the value of your lyrics. 
Gather stimulating and relevant information you’ll need to create a personalized song for private clients or public events. 
Write, re-write, free write, assemble, disassemble, reassemble and create memorable and imaginative songs that people want to listen to! 
$25 Half Hour / $60 3 half-hour sessions Skype or email-sound files. 

Contact Martin directly about arranging a day-long songwriting seminar or a series of classes including writing exercises, song sharing, and feedback.