Rainbow Quest! LGBTIQA Board Game

Five states (New Jersey, California, Illinois, Oregon & Colorado) have ruled that LGBTQ history must be included in Social Studies lessons. How else might students learn that Oscar Wilde, Elenore Roosevelt, Kaitlin Jenner, Melissa Ethridge, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jim Henson, and President James Buchanan are part of their LGBTQIA history? 

Rainbow Quest! is an original LGBTIQA board game for teens and up that teaches LGBTQ+ history and culture while building a safe community among the players. Martin Swinger and Dr. Brian Kaufman have devoted 10 years of research developing this groundbreaking game to create a safer world for everyone. 

ANYONE can play – you don’t have to be gay to play, enjoy or WIN! 

Players begin in a binary black-and-white bleak world and with a roll of the dice move forward around a path of colorful flags that each represent a different activity, all related to LGBTQ+ themes. Players may land on a Red flag and have to draw clues so the other players can guess ‘Stonewall’ – the location of the United States first LGBTQ+ Civil Rights action, or they might land on a Yellow flag and have to act out a charade to get other players to guess the song ‘It’s Raining Men’. Other challenges include having to guess which famous gay person or homophobe is quoted (Orange flag) on one of the 500+ prompt cards, answer a trivia challenge (Purple flag) or share thoughts about a realistic - though hypothetical – situation (Blue flag). Further challenges include sharing personal history (Green Flag) or tell a ‘Coming Out’ story about themselves or someone they know (White flag). (…and YES, even STRAIGHT people have ‘Coming Out’ stories. Have you ever found yourself in the position of having to take a risk and share more than you expected about your personal history?) The game concludes when all players have successfully met enough challenges to enter the rainbow “Better World for Everyone”. 

                                             No ‘one’ wins. EVERYONE WINS!! 

Rainbow Quest! will be available in the Summer of 2020. More details can be found online at www.rainbowquest.net or at https://www.facebook.com/RainbowQuestgame/